Green Ginger makes innovative theatre for streets and stage. Since its formation in 1978, the Company has had a commitment to puppetry in the widest sense and its members will use any tools and effects they can put their grubby little hands on to realise its surreal and absurd imagery.

Green Ginger acts as an umbrella organisation under which freelance theatre makers work together to write, design, teach and perform. Its members regularly collaborate with organisations such as Aardman Animations and Welsh National Opera. Green Ginger welcomes commissions and consultancies for stage, TV, film and community projects.

The Company has its roots in the spontaneity of street theatre and 39 years of outdoor performance all over the world has informed the core of its output.



'The deranged product of dangerously sick minds...for the sake of the nation they should be kept off the streets'
Terry Gilliam
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